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Resolve conflicts quicker and easier with our proven, professional mediation services. Our Supreme Court Certified, Circuit Court mediators are trained to help you find a cooperative solution, leaving everyone satisfied.


Become better communicators and coworkers by training and learning together. Our professional trainers provide thought-provoking courses that help participants understand the complexities of interpersonal communication, their role in the success of their team, and how they can be even more effective in the future.


Our coaching sessions are designed to transform corporate executives into leaders who instill trust, maximize efficiency, and optimize engagement within their organizations. Research confirms the higher you go, the more critical your “soft-skills” become. Being adept with the “hard skills” may have landed you in an important role, but your “soft skills” will determine your ultimate success.


Unlock new perspectives and ignite a sense of rejuvenation in your workplace. Our thought-provoking keynotes and messages have been proven to create a noticeable impact on organizational executives, employees, and overall culture by providing relatable presentations that cause you to think, and act, differently at work and at home.


Increase efficiency by finding the root of the problem right away. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to corporate conflicts, so you must fully understand the issue before you can begin to remedy it. Our online or in-person assessments get straight to the root of the issue, allowing you to identify the most meaningful areas of resolution and opportunity.


Make the most of your time by staying on-task and focused during crucial meetings. Third-party facilitation drives your important meetings from start to finish, inciting and maintaining meaningful discussion. We’re able to keep your team focused on the task at hand, preventing confusion and finishing with unified clarity.

More Productive

Productivity is the biggest casualty of conflict in the workplace. Conflict costs US businesses more than $359 billion annually. What is conflict costing your company?

More Engaged

Disengaged employees cost US organizations $350-440 billion annually. Fully engaged teams outperform others by as much as 202%. What are you doing to maximize employee engagement?

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More Loyal

On average, the cost of turnover is 1.5 times the annual salary for the position. Teams that score high in consistency of open communication and clarity of roles, expectations, and priorities also score high in loyalty. What are you doing to encourage loyalty from your team?

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Karen Pelot is the founder and lead practitioner of Perspectives, LLC. Prior to becoming a full-time mediator, she spent 18 years in corporate leadership, gaining valuable knowledge about the intricacies of workplace interactions, conflict, and what it takes to sustain success. On top of her on-the-job experience, Karen also holds an M.B.A., M.D.R. and Master Certification in Executive and Organizational coaching. It’s this experience and formal training that she draws on to provide top-level mediation, training, and coaching services.

What our clients say

  • “Since working with you, our work group has a greater awareness of ourselves and each other. Our communication and work environment has vastly improved, and we continue to be mindful and respectful of each other and our respective work needs. My only regret is the situation festered for more than a year before we obtained your professional guidance. I know this improvement would not have occurred without your insight and skill.”
    U.S. Dept. Of Interior, Department of Fish and Wildlife
  • “Karen Pelot is an excellent Mediator! She embodies what I look for in resolving disputes; knowledge, strength, and a disposition conducive to resolution.”
    Philip J. Slotnick
    Esquire, Burnetti, P.A.
  • “Thanks to PERSPECTIVES, LLC, we’ve learned to identify and avoid the causes of conflict around our agency – and how to deal with issues when they bubble up. They presented the information in a way that made it simple for everyone to understand and has led to a more productive workplace with higher morale and fewer issues. Definitely a worthwhile investment!”
    Chuck Barnett
  • “Karen Pelot’s extensive experience and knowledge help to make her an excellent mediator. Her insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the respective parties’ cases enable her to quickly narrow the issues and resolve cases without the expense of trial.”
    Carrie L. Galbraith
  • “I have had the pleasure of working with Karen on numerous mediations over the past several years. Each time, I am impressed with her ability to find common ground between the parties involved and structure an agreement that everyone finds suitable. Karen’s personality, experience, and expertise combine to make her the most successful mediator I have worked with. I routinely and unequivocally recommend her services to my colleagues.”
    Chad A. Shimel
  • “Ms. Pelot has acted as mediator in numerous cases being litigated by my office and she has been 100% successful in settling them. I have found Ms. Pelot to be knowledgeable and professional. Her ability to deal with difficult personalities and complex litigation has made her an ideal mediator in our cases. I would recommend her highly as a mediator and will be using her in the future whenever possible.”
    Cynthia Chambers
    Esquire, Law Offices of Jack D. Evans
  • “Karen Pelot has served as mediator in a number of difficult cases for my firm, and has done an excellent job each and every time. Ms. Pelot is professional and well prepared, and she quickly understands all the issues involved in mediation. She maintains a positive attitude and has good communication skills, listening to all sides and giving insightful and productive feedback to help the parties move toward an amicable resolution. Her tenacious work has been instrumental in helping us resolve many cases which we believed could not be settled. I highly recommend Karen Pelot as a mediator and plan to continue to utilize her in future cases.”
    R. David de Armas
    Esquire, Cramer, Price & de Armas, P.A.
  • “I can’t speak more highly of the outstanding job Karen did to help the staff and management of a newly created program in our organization develop common goals, objectives and, most importantly, a common understanding of the roles and responsibilities of every member of the team.”
    U.S. Dept. Of Interior, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

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