Corporate leaders are generally adept at mastering the “hard” skills, which require smarts and IQ. Hard skills are tangible and easily measured; they align with technical skills and are needed to know what to communicate. Hard skills are needed to be a good manager, but “soft” skills are required to lead.

Soft skills are required to effectively hold tough discussions, of course. But they are also critical to the culture built by “everyday” communication. These skills are derived from personality, attitude, and behaviors. They may seem intangible, but they are certainly felt. Soft skill proficiency and consistency inspires loyalty, trust, unity, clarity, accountability, and sustainable success.    

We are soft skills experts, and are excited about making others experts too. 

We begin with confidential information gathering–from employees who work under, beside, and above our clients–in order to develop an objective, 360-degree portrait of your current competencies and challenge areas. Next we develop a mutually agreed upon coaching plan and timeline, followed with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. 

Our coaches provide the tools leaders need to:

  • Communicate effectively with those who communicate differently;
  •  Recognize potentially harmful behavior patterns, and develop skills that inspire;
  • Stay clear, confident, and effective, even when topics are challenging, stakes are high and emotions are hot;
  • Develop outstanding, collaborative working relationships;
  • Measure improvement, at mutually agreed upon intervals;
  • Be a leader who is worthy of being followed.

One-on-one soft skills coaching is great for leaders who:

  • Are seeking to increase their influence and upward mobility;
  • Are perceived as negative or difficult to get along with;
  • Are experiencing unwanted turnover;
  • Have employees who have become disengaged or disgruntled;
  • Have teams that are under-performing.

Sustained success requires a healthy culture, and a healthy culture requires leaders “who walk the talk” up, down, and sideways. Our interpersonal skills coaches help clients hone their emotional intelligence and delivery, and become great communicators–even when it feels uncomfortable, opinions differ, emotions run hot, and the stakes are at their highest.

If you’re an HR leader, business owner, or executive in search of a coach, call us at 407-926-2451 today for a free consultation.