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All work groups face communication “challenges.” Our professional trainers deliver thought-provoking content, which encourages participants to not only consider their part in communication breakdowns, but also teaches them how to be more effective and impactful moving forward.  We believe organizational cultures are strengthened and improved through expanding individual awareness, accountability, and capacity.  We also believe work environments only realize lasting improvements when leaders are the champions of change – when they model desired behaviors.

Group training with Pelot & Associates is customized to meet the needs of our clients. Through systematic and intentional engagement, we work with you to determine the most impactful training and follow-up. We will specifically address  individual and team dynamics, while providing laughs, “aha moments”, and real-world tools and application of our concepts. We intend for our participants to leave us with new perspectives, greater awareness, and poised for greater individual and organizational success.


Customizable Group Training Topics:



True ColorsTM:

The most fun and immediately impactful personality assessment workshop ever!

Your Mindset. Is it Making or Breaking You?

Understanding the impact of your mindset and the power of question thinking

Communicating with Influence and Integrity

Improving the effectiveness of your communication skills

Want More Success? Emotional Intelligence Required

75% of your success depends on it

The Truth About Conflict:

How it starts, how to resolve it, and finding the opportunities within it

Culture Matters:

How to create a culture of engagement and accountability


Our workshops are engaging, interactive, and illicit positive change.  If you are willing, we will improve your interpersonal skills, help you turn conflict into opportunities, and create an environment most conducive to success.

Bonus alert! Everything we teach for success at work will benefit you personally too!

TrueColors Certified Logo_Black Our True Colors™ personality assessment workshop is one of our most popular and immediately impactful sessions.  True Colors is grounded in a research-based approach to understanding human behavior and motivation. Our International True Colors Association-certified facilitator, Jamie Vega, is one of a team of highly-qualified professionals using the groundbreaking True Colors™ personality assessment.

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