Synergy Development


Synergy seems like just another buzzword, until you consider its Greek roots in the term “sunergos,” an action verb that means “working together.” Today, SYN-ER-GY is deployed as a noun, used to describe the increased effectiveness that results when two or more people or businesses work together.

We believe synergy is a process that involves a complex merger of ideas and ideals, turning them into something extraordinary!

What happens when companies are lacking synergy?

1. Employees and leaders miscommunicate, or don’t communicate, creating confusion, a lack of trust, and performances that miss the mark.

2. Employee morale decreases, leading to reduced productivity, increased turnover of key personnel, and unhappy customers.

3. The silo mentality occurs, causing leaders to feel they must protect their turf – unfortunately encouraging more of #1 and #2.

4. Meetings fail to move the bar forward.

In a nutshell: time is wasted, people suffer, and revenue is lost.

What are common catalysts for a lack of synergy at work?

  • Professionals who are new to leadership: promoted for their technical expertise, but not yet equipped to lead
  • Times of transition or change: process, personnel, or leadership
  • Unaddressed conflict: up, down, or sideways
  • Normal and natural differences in communication, work, and learning styles
  • The perception of competition between leaders
  • Unclear roles and responsibilities
  • Underperforming individuals, teams, or entire organizations
  • Highly segmented work groups
  • Historical culture

Pelot & Associates

Pelot & Associates’ expertly trained leadership coaches, facilitators, and group trainers work with you to create, or restore, leaders and work groups with outstanding interpersonal and collaborative skills. 

What can you expect from us?

  • We develop an in-depth understanding of your goals, core values, current work climate, and key interpersonal competencies.
  • We provide efficient and impactful coaching, training, and facilitation, built to meet established goals.
  • We enable you to benchmark improvement and success, as new skills become the norm.
  • We ensure confidentiality in coaching, facilitating, and training – both for individuals, and for proprietary corporate information.

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